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With competent partners for a good cause:

Together with our recognized partners, we guarantee that 100% of your CO2 emissions are offset through high quality carbon mitigation projects.


ARKTIK’s entire carbon-offsetting process is regularly checked by TÜV NORD and bears the TÜV NORD seal “Approved Certificate Management” (TN-CC 002).This seal guarantees that ARKTIK offsets all carbon emissions as stated to its clients.



As an official network partner of TÜV NORD in the field of CO2 footprinting and CO2 offsetting, our clients profit from quick and targeted verification and certification of their company’s or products’/services’ carbon footprint and CO2 offset capacity.


CIMC Silvergreen (former Burg Silvergreen), a new German producer of trailers, rigorously pursues its strategy of eco-friendly manufacturing and environmentally friendly products: Through ARKTIK, the curtain-side trailer Curtain SG03 is the world’s first trailer to be completely verified as climate neutral.

Burg Silvergreen

ARKTIK belongs to the "Highlighted Listings" of the Gold Standard Foundation

The Gold Standard is an award winning certification standard for carbon mitigation projects and is recognized internationally as the benchmark for quality and rigor in both the compliance and voluntary carbon markets.

Established in 2003 by WWF, the Gold Standard is the only certification standard trusted and endorsed by more than 80 NGOs worldwide. To be eligible for Gold Standard certification, projects must employ renewable energy and/or energy efficiency technologies, adhere to the strictest standards on additionality, and positively impact the economy, health, welfare, and environment of the local community hosting the project.

Gold Standard

The Wildlife Protection Society Germany e.V. (NABU) has been around for over 100 years. As a major, highly recognized nature protection association in Germany, NABU aims to preserve the beauty and diversity of nature. Nationwide, the association now counts about 460,000 members, including almost 20,000 in Hamburg. The subsection NABU Hamburg supports around 60 conservation areas and is responsible for 16 of 28 nature reserves in and around Hamburg.

NABU Hamburg

With over 2,200 filling stations in Shell is one of the leading service station operators in Germany. euroShell is a daughter of Shell, responsible for fuel card. Since 2011, euroShell and ARKTIK jointly offer a carbon-neutral fleet card with acceptance at over 4,200 filling stations in Germany and over 20,000 filling stations in 36 countries.


JET is one of the leading service stations operators in Germany. JET and ARKTIK have worked together since 2009. The JET COMPENSATION CARD is one of the first carbon-neutral fuel cards in Germany and accepted at all over 540 JET petrol stations.


Westfalen is a major operator of service stations in Germany. Since 2012, ARKTIK and Westfalen have offered a joint carbon-neutral fuel card accepted in total at over 5.000 gas stations in Germany.


LichtBlick doesn’t only offset the emissions of its fleet with ARKTIK’s help: Together with ARKTIK, LichtBlick has offered its customers a climate-neutral natural gas since the beginning of 2012.


Lekker Energie is a major German energy provider with over 380,000 customers. As climate protection partner, ARKTIK provides multiple offsetting solutions for Lekker's customers.


The mobile- und web app BetterTaxi allows you to book and pay your taxi Germany-wide.
ARKTIK partners with Better Taxi, to offset the emissions of all booked taxi tours.