5 Reasons for ARKTIK5 Reasons for ARKTIK



01 An important contribution to climate protection01 An important contribution to climate protection

With ARKTIK, you only support climate protection projects which comply with the WWF Gold Standard or other internationally recognized climate protection standards.

The Gold Standard is the leading, independent quality standard for climate protection projects. Cofounded by the WWF, it is solely awarded to projects proven to reduce greenhouse gases, whilst simultaneously benefitting the local environment and sustainable social development.


02 TÜV NORD-certified climate protection –02 TÜV NORD-certified climate protection –
ARKTIK is a partner of the TÜV NORD expert networkARKTIK is a partner of the TÜV NORD expert network

As an official network partner of TÜV NORD in the field of CO2 footprinting and CO2 offsetting, our clients profit from quick and targeted verification and certification of their company’s or products’/services’ carbon footprint and CO2 offset capacity.

To ensure complete transparency of reported CO2 emissions, TÜV NORD (TN-CC 002) regularly validates ARKTIK’s management and offset of carbon certificates.

For fleets, the “Climate-neutral driving” seal issued in accordance with TÜV NORD TN-CC 004 also guarantees that we do not only completely offset your fuel-related CO2 emissions (incl. upstream chain) but that our calculation of your CO2 emissions also complies with TÜV NORD requirements.


03 Set an example! 03 Set an example!

Show your employees, customers, and business partners that your company lives up to its climate protection responsibilities by offsetting unavoidable CO2 emissions.

ARKTIK helps you communicate your commitment to climate protection through an extensive range of materials specifically designed for your target audiences.

With ARKTIK, the reporting of your climate protection activities can be counted towards various environmental sustainability indexes such as the Carbon Disclosure Project.


04 Transparency 04 Transparency

ARKTIK lets you decide which of our multiple climate protection projects you’d like to support.

If you wish, ARKTIK can regularly e-mail you and your employees about the individual carbon offsets as well as about the project you have supported.


05  Strong partners, multiple awards, and recommended by climate experts!05  Strong partners, multiple awards, and recommended by climate experts!

Joining forces for climate protection: With organizations such as TÜV NORD,  and B.A.U.M., a leading network for sustainable companies, ARKTIK has strong partners on its side.

In a study conducted by the German Consumer Advice Center (Verbraucherzentrale), ARKTIK placed second and received “very good” ratings in the categories of ”Realistic Calculation” and “Quality of Compensation”.

Furthermore, for the “Green Steering Wheel” Award (Grüne Lenkrad), the leading German auto magazine, AUTO BILD, selected ARKTIK as one of the ten eco-innovation nominees alongside other green innovations such as the Toyota Prius hybrid vehicle.

Leading climate protection specialists such as Professor Graßl, former Director of the Max Planck Institute for Meteorology and recipient of the “German Environment Prize” (Deutscher Umweltpreis), recommend ARKTIK and are using our climate-neutral fuel card.