Wind power in Yuntdag, TurkeyWind power in Yuntdag, Turkey
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ca. 100,000 t CO2e p.a.

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As one of the first Turkish wind farms the project clears the path for a change towards regenerative energy and mitigates around 100,000 tons CO2 each year compared to power plants running on fossil fuels.


Climate protection:


Turkey, same as many other developing countries, faces the challenge of a rapidly growing demand for energy on the one hand, and the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions on the other hand. So far the energy production in Turkey still is dominated by non-renewable sources.


As the first major wind farm in Turkey, this project is an important step to utilize renewable energies and for breaking the ground for additional projects. The project helps to promoting clean and decentralized energy solutions as an effective lever to diversify Turkey’s energy mix and to reduce the countries carbon footprint.


60 km north of the coastal city of Izmir 17 wind turbines supply clean electricity for approximately 80,000 households.


The wind turbines have a total capacity of 42.5 MW and a hub height of 80 m. With a diameter of 90 m each rotor harvests wind from an area the size of an official soccer field. 


Social and ecological benefit:


Apart from the direct reduction of CO2 emissions, the construction of the wind farm also offers added value for the local population from a social and economic point of view.


Some 100 local workers were employed during the construction phase. On top, the operation of the plant also creates 20 new qualified long-term jobs.


Great emphasis was also placed on locally sourcing the necessary building materials.