Wind power in Fujian, ChinaWind power in Fujian, China
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ca. 95,400 t CO2e p.a.

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China StatusStatus CDM


As a Gold Standard pre-CDM project this carbon mitigation project complies with the rules of the 'UN Framework Convention on Climate Change' as well as the rigid guidelines of the Gold Standard organization.


Climate protection:


The project is located near the city Liuao, directly on the straits to Taiwan, and consists of 36 wind turbines. With a total capacity of 1.25 MW the wind farm saves around 95,400 tons of CO2 each year compared to conventional coal-dominated energy mix.


The project makes an important contribution to the sustainable reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and to the increase of grid-connected renewable energy in China, which is planned to cover up to 15% of the Chinese power supply in 2020.


Social and ecological benefit:


During the project planning phase, both, the local community and regional offices of international environmental organizations were involved.


All project participants agree that the project not only helps protect the climate but also posts a significant positive impact on the local economic and social situation of the people.


The construction of the plant itself has created about 300 jobs, while the operation and maintenance of the wind farm has created quality long-term employment for 12 people.


New roads and access to a stable electricity grid have also helped to improve the daily life of the community.