Wind power in Changbin and Taichung, TaiwanWind power in Changbin and Taichung, Taiwan
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ca. 450,000 t CO2e p.a.

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As the largest wind farm of its kind in Taiwan, the project approximately 450,000 tons of CO2 each year and, thus, considerably contributes to the utilization of renewable energies in a country previously dominated by coal power.


Climate protection:


Despite Taiwan’s privileged location with a long windy coast, 50 % of its power supply still is dependent on the country’s coal reserves and imported oil.


For several years, wind farms have begun to exploit the untapped potential of wind energy on the west coast of the island as a carbon-free, clean, and renewable energy source.

The wind farm is located in two locations on the windy west coast of the country. With 65 wind turbines the wind farm is the largest of its kind in Taiwan. Each year the plant produces about 500 GWh of wind power - enough to supply about 130,000 local households with clean energy.

Social and ecological benefit:


Most wind turbines have been built on a former industrial site and along a coastal road. This allows the project to benefit from optimal wind conditions without having to compete for space with farming or housing.


In addition to the project's carbon mitigation potential it has generated long-term jobs during the construction and operation of the wind farm.


These and other activities have lead to a high level of public interest in the project, which over time has even become a local tourist attraction. Today, guided tours as well as information session on renewable energy are given on site for tourists and locals.


The operator also extensively engages in local environment protection, for example by regularly cleaning the beaches.