Forest conservation, GermanyForest conservation, Germany
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CategoryCategory Ecology | Biodiversity   CarbonCarbon
The forest binds ca. 800 t CO2 / ha
Deutschland StatusStatus B.A.U.M


This forest reserve is a model and flagship project in Germany. Together with ARKTIK you can help protect an old untouched hardwood forests with a high structural- and biodiversity from commercial use and so permanently preserve an important habitat for animals and plants as well as a natural carbon sink.


The project area in the heart of Germany consists of a dense Beech forest in an untouched jungle-like state.


The trees are now between 160 to 200 years old and have been spared for many decades already from commercial use.


The old Beech forest offers a habitat for many rare animals like black woodpecker, black stork, and wildcat as well as up to 30,000 insects, fungi and plants.

As the concentration of living biomass bound in the old trees and the surrounding soil is three times higher compared to managed forests, the project helps fixate a natural carbon reservoir and thus to protect the climate.