Moor conservation, GermanyMoor conservation, Germany
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The moor binds ca. 5.5 tons CO2 / ha

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Deutschland StatusStatus Biosphaerenreservat


For over 30 years, this project protects a unique habitat of many rare species and the moor as important natural carbon storage.


The project is located close to the German metropolis Hamburg and is part of the biosphere reserve "Lower Saxony Elbe Valley".


The moor covers one third of the 10-acre project area. The remaining area is dominated by a wild heath and pine forest


To preserve the moor with its unique flora and fauna and its natural function as carbon storage, regular work is necessary to keep the moor from drying out.

For example, emerging pine and birch trees need to be removed, so they do not shade the water.


Future work includes the creation of additional sinks to promote the spread of moor species and the connection of the various moor pods to form an ecological network.