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Simple biogas plants use agricultural residues, sewage or animal manure to produce a combustible gas for cooking and lighting purposes.


Most often, these systems consist of simply constructed concrete tanks, metal drums or bottles made of plastic sheeting and, therefore, are particularly suitable for the use in less developed countries. Around 25 million of such small scale biogas plants are already worldwide in operation.


Our biogas projects, however, do not only mitigate carbon emissions, but also improve the living conditions of the local population.




Biomass plays an important role as a replacement for fossil fuels - especially in less developed regions of the world.


An imperative for carbon neutral energy from biomass, however, is that it stems from a renewable source, i.e., the same amount of biomass that is burnt is grown the next period again.


All our carbon mitigation projects based on the substitution of fossil fuels by biomass, therefore, only use renewably grown biomass, e.g., harvest residues.


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