Carbon mitigation projectsCarbon mitigation projects
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With ARKTIK you only sponsor carbon mitigation projects that would not exist without your support. All of our projects comply with the WWF Gold Standard or other internationally recognized standards. The projects and their carbon mitigation are certified and controlled on-site by UN-recognized authorities.


In addition to offsetting your carbon emission, our projects always imply green development aid – namely by offering developing and emerging countries the chance to partake in green technologies and also by significantly improving the social and environmental conditions of the local population.


With ARKTIK you can choose from a wide variety of carbon mitigation projects to offset your carbon emissions.

» Portfolio Ecology | Biodiversity

Ecology | Biodiversity

Whether moor or forest conservation, with these projects you can make an important contribution to climate protection in your own country.

» Portfolio Wind | Water | Sun

Wind | Water | Sun

ARKTIK supports carbon mitigation projects to promote renewable energy from wind, water and sun. In the light of the globally growing demand for electricity these projects are an important lever to foster a transition towards clean energy.

» Portfolio Biomass | Biogas

Biomass | Biogas

Animal or vegetable residues from agriculture and forestry - especially in developing or underdeveloped countries – offer a cheap, easily available and most off all a carbon neutral energy source.


» Portfolio Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency

The best energy is that which is not consumed at all! Substituting status-quo technology in developing or underdeveloped countries with more energy efficient technology holds a high potential to save energy and thus carbon emissions.