Learn from experts, customers, and partners why carbon offsetting with ARKTIK is a useful and effective measure for climate protection of your company.


LichtBlick gleicht mit ARKTIK die CO2 Emissionen des eigenen Fuhrparks aus  

"The commitment of ARKTIK proves that carbon offsetting for commercial fleets is possible at little costs and without any additional administrative efforts for the fleet owner. An exemplary approach to climate protection."


Mustafa Özen, CFO and member of the board, LichtBlick AG


Der NABU Hamburg und ARKTIK kooperieren im Bereich Klimaschutz für Autofahrer und Flugreisende  

"The company and its innovative carbon offsetting solutions convince me down the line. I am impressed by the creativity and commitment of ARKTIK with regards to finding new ways for climate protection."


Alexander Porschke, Wildlife Protection Society Germany (NABU), Hamburg e.V., head of the board


Der Baum e.V. empfiehlt CO2 Ausgleich mit ARKTIK  

"As Europe's largest business network for sustainable management, B.A.U.M. e.V. recommends ARKTIK for offsetting carbon emissions which otherwise can be neither avoided nor reduced."


Dieter Brübach, B.A.U.M. e.V., member of the board


Professor Grassl empfiehlt CO2 Kompensation mit ARKTIK  

"Though I do not use my car very often, I support ARKTIK. Offsetting car-related emissions has the potential to become an important contribution to climate protection in people’s lives.”


Prof. Dr. Hartmut Graßl, laureate of the German Environment Award and former director of the Max-Planck-Institute for Meteorology


ARKTIK unterstützt Scandic dabei, den Fuhrpark CO2  neutral zu gestalten  

"The majority of the emissions of a hotel stay relates to the hotel itself, its waste disposal and to its suppliers. As one of the first hotel chains ever, Scandic also aims at optimizing its own mobility with regards to its climate impact as part of a holistic sustainability approach. For this we have found an innovative and powerful partner in ARKTIK. ARKTIK has supported us since May 2012 in accounting and offsetting the emissions of our entire fleet."


Steffen H. Seichter, Scandic Hamburg Emporio, Director of Sales & Marketing


Autobild Redaktion ist mit ARKTIK klimaneutral dank CO2 Ausgleich unterwegs  

"AUTO BILD also wants to set an example for the climate – we therefore offset the CO2 emissions from our test drives by using the carbon neutral fuel card from ARKTIK, as far as possible."


Bernd Wieland, AUTO BILD, Chief Editor


Kemmler Logo  

"The offer of ARKTIK is great because I can immediately make a contribution to climate protection without lengthy internal projects in my company."


Dr. Marc Kemmler, Kemmler Baustoffe GmbH, Director


WGKD Logo  

"The ecumenical purchasing platform for the Protestant and Catholic Church sees ARKTIK as a chance to compensate unavoidable CO2 emissions related to the context of the Church's mission."


Business council of the Churches in Germany




Klimaschutz für Autofahrer für Grünes Lenkrad nominiert  

Green Wheel

ARKTIK nominated as eco-innovation of 2010! The leading German auto magazine, AUTO BILD, selected ARKTIK as one of the ten eco-innovation nominees alongside other green innovations such as the Toyota Prius hybrid vehicle for the “Green Steering Wheel” Award 2010 (Grüne Lenkrad).

Green Steering Wheel Award 2010, Germany

Baum Logo  

B.A.U.M e.V.

As Europe's largest business network for sustainable management, B.A.U.M. e.V. recommends ARKTIK for offsetting carbon emissions which otherwise can be neither avoided nor reduced.

B.A.U.M e.V.



Recommended by the German Consumer Advice Center

2. Place for ARKTIK! In a study conducted by the German Consumer Advice Center (Verbraucherzentrale), ARKTIK placed second and received “very good” ratings in the categories of ”Realistic Calculation” and “Quality of Compensation”.

German Consumer Advice Center (Verbraucherzentrale)

TÜV-Siegel für klimaneutrales Autofahren



ARKTIK’s entire carbon-offsetting process is regularly checked by TÜV NORD and bears the TÜV NORD seal “Approved Certificate Management” (TN-CC 002). This seal guarantees that ARKTIK offsets all carbon emissions as stated to its clients.


UN Logo  


On invitation by the United Nations, ARKTIK presented its carbon neutral mobility concept on the "United Nations Forum on Climate Change Mitigation, Fuel Efficiency and Sustainable Urban Transport" in March 2010 in Seoul.

United Nations Forum