Climate-Neutral ProductsClimate-Neutral Products

Current studies show: Climate protection and sustainability are increasingly becoming crucial competitive factors.

Carbon-neutral postal services by the Deutsche Post DHL, climate-neutral natural gas from LichtBlick, or climate-neutral truck trailers from Burg Silvergreen: The measures to offset CO2 are not only diverse, but established as an accepted climate protection complement for the reduction and avoidance of greenhouse gases.

As a multi-award winning, independent climate protection agency and an official consultant of TÜV NORD, ARKTIK provides you with customized solutions to determine and optionally offset the carbon footprint of your products and services. We’d be happy to put together an individual offer for you. >> CONTACT


The Product Carbon Footprint involves the comprehensive and standardized identification and quantification of all relevant greenhouse gases generated by your products or services.

The Product Carbon Footprint forms the basis for identifying saving potentials and for externally and internally communicating your CO2 balance. The compilation of a carbon footprint by ARKTIK includes:

  • Definition of system limits
  • Compilation and evaluation of consumption and input data
  • Calculation of individual CO2 emissions
  • Preparation of your Product Carbon Footprint in accordance with internationally recognized standards (including, among others, the GHG Protocol: Corporate/Product Accounting and Reporting Standard, PAS 2050 and the ISO 14067)
  • Support with the external and internal communication of your Product Carbon Footprint
  • Assistance to certify the Product Carbon Footprint with TÜV NORD or another certification organization
  • Identification of measures to reduce, avoid, and offset CO2 emissions related to your Product Carbon Footprint



To offset the CO2 emissions of your products and services, we provide you with the opportunity to support internationally recognized, high-quality carbon mitigation projects.

  • 100% offsetting of CO2, 100% climate neutral – certified by TÜV NORD: The seal "Approved Certificate Management" in accordance with TÜV NORD TN-CC 002 guarantees that ARKTIK offsets 100% of the CO2 emissions communicated to its clients.
  • Internationally recognized carbon mitigation projects: With ARKTIK, you only support climate protection projects which comply with the WWF Gold Standard or other internationally recognized climate protection standards.
  • Best conditions and guaranteed supplies: Thanks to supply contracts with leading project developers, we offer our clients attractive conditions and a high degree of supply security. We’d be happy to put together an individual offer for you.
  • Show off your good deeds! With ARKTIK, your company can show that it has taken on responsibility for protecting the climate by placing our unique climate seal on the company website, products, brochures, and business or sustainability reports.
  • Transparent and verifiable! In addition to the official climate protection certificate from ARKTIK, you also receive evidence of your carbon offsets from an official project registry.
    If desired, ARKTIK can record all offset emissions in official project registries, for example, in the Gold Standard Registry, so that the data is publicly available and can be verified at any time.