Climate-Neutral SolutionsClimate-Neutral Solutions

Carbon-neutral postal services, compensation of air travel: The measures to offset CO2 are not only diverse, but established as an accepted climate protection complement for the reduction and avoidance of greenhouse gases.

ARKTIK is an independent and multi-award winning climate protection agency, which now provides you with an effective solution to offset the unavoidable CO2 emissions caused by your company, products, or services.

With ARKTIK you support climate protection projects which completely offset your CO2 emissions whilst also fostering local sustainable social development – we call this green development aid.

After all, for the climate it doesn’t matter whether your company emissions are, for example, reduced under the hoods of your fleet vehicles or mitigated through a climate protection project in Africa.


» Your Benefits

Our climate seal shows your customers, partners, and employees that your company does its part to protect the climate. With ARKTIK, climate protection is transparent, approved by TÜV NORD, distinguished by several awards, and recommended by renowned climate protection experts.

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Experience firsthand why climate protection experts and our clients alike opted for ARKTIK’s multi-award winning climate protection program!

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» Products | PCF

Carbon-neutral postal services provided by the Deutsche Post, climate-neutral natural gas from LichtBlick, or climate-neutral truck trailers from Burg Silvergreen – ARKTIK aids you in calculating and offsetting the CO2 footprints of your products and services.

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» Companies | CCF

As a multi-award winning, independent climate protection agency and an official consultant of TÜV NORD, ARKTIK provides you with customized solutions to track and offset the carbon footprint of your company or organization.

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» Logistics

Recent studies have shown just how important the topic of CO2 offsetting is for shipping agents and logistics providers. With our ARKTIK CO2 Logistics Calculator and custom solutions, we help you and your customers to calculate your logistics-related footprints and if desired to offset all related CO2 emissions.

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» Fleets

With the decision to make your fleet climate neutral, your company makes a major difference in protecting the climate and a “green” statement on the road.

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» Business Travel

Just in case your employees have to travel despite other alternatives such as video- or teleconferences, our Flight Calculator or tailor-made climate protection solutions make it possible for you to still take responsibility for all travel-related emissions.

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» Events

Climate-neutral conferences and events are increasing and are already a crucial competitive factor for organizers and an important tool for exhibitors to stand out. Our Footprint Tool facilitates the quick and simple calculation of your event's footprint. Of course, we can help you to offset all event-related emissions, too.

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